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Tony & Ruth Knowles

Emma-Jayne was born on the 2nd January 1976 at Crowntree Hospital Louth.  She attended Sutton Primary School, Tennyson High School and then Boston College where she did a catering course after which she went to work at Kids Adventure World in Mablethorpe.

Not satisfied, she decided she wanted to be a postie and worked for Royal Mail delivering in Sutton-On-Sea.  She loved this job and was then hoping to go into the management side, but in February 1998, she started getting cold hands and double vision.

Emma-Jayne went to see her G.P. Dr Irene Carter and was referred to Grimsby Hospital for an MRI Scan.  This showed she had a brain tumour.  She was admitted to Hull Royal Infirmary under the care of Mr Kevin Morris, Consultant Neurosurgeon in April 1998.  Her brain tumour was too deep to operate and was very rare (one in one and half million).

The care and staff were amazing and we would not have received better treatment had we of paid private.  We cannot thank them enough.  When she was diagnosed, she was the second oldest in the ward with a brain tumour.

She received 35 radiotherapy sessions but this was to no avail.

On December 19th 1998, Emma-Jayne passed away, six days before Christmas and two weeks before her 23 birthday.  This left a massive hole in our lives.  She was a wonderful daughter.

One good thing that came out of this was that neurosurgeons, doctors, nurses etc did not realise how far hull was away from Sutton-On-Sea.  It is nearly 70 miles away and so now they spend more time with their patients.

At her funeral, we asked for no flowers but donations instead.  The total raised was £1100.00 in which Dr Irene Carter’s surgery received £550 to purchase equipment.  She too was fantastic and we cannot thank her enough.  In January 1999 we went to see M Kevin Morris at Hull Royal Infirmary and presented him with the remaining £550 for Ward 40.

In conversation, he told us that he was trying to raise £12000.00 to purchase a Spinal Turning Bed.  This saves the work of eight nurses, which is required to turn a patient.

Having never done any charity work before we said we would try and raise the money.  This is how it all started.

I wrote 298 two paged hand-written letters asking for donations.  The response was overwhelming.  I wrote to the Queen and Queen Mother, all Football and Rugby clubs, Harrods, Fortnum and Mason, All R.A.F bases and many others.

The first event was a sponsored Bikeathon in July 2000.  This was only going to be a one-off, but now we hold one every year.

On the 1st September 2000, we held a large charity auction with 121 lots.

On the 8th September we had our first charity evening with a band and singers.  We held a large raffle and sold approx 1,750 tickets.  That evening Mr Kevin Morris attended and it was announced we had raised £13001.00, enough to buy the bed!!

Fundraising has gone on ever since with people never ceasing to amaze us.  We have had people running the London and Brighton marathons.  Three people cycled from Lands End to John O’Groats.

We cannot thank all of those involved enough.

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